CCI Shotshell Ammunition 22 Long Rifle (22LR) 20 round


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                                       CCI Shotshell Ammunition 22 Long Rifle (22LR)

CCI Shotshell Ammunition 22 Long Rifle (22LR)    CCI is known in the shooting sports industry for producing reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance shot after shot. CCI shotshell ammunition is no exception. These loads are designed as a potent round for close range pest control and work well for dispatching nuisance vermin. These loads work great as rat shot, snake shot and close range plinking.

These rounds work great in revolvers, but they may not function properly in semi-automatic firearms. Do not use these or any other shot cartridge in handguns having ported recoil compensators. This ammunition is new production and non-corrosive.

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
  • Bullet Weight: 31 Grains
  • Bullet Style: #12 Shot

 CCI Shotshell Ammunition 22 Long Rifle (22LR)


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